✨ RedStrawbaby 🍓

Hi, I'm Maja, a Hungarian illustrator and sci-fi / fantasy enthusiast! Welcome to my website ~

Here you'll find ways to connect with me, ways to support my work, my general commission info and lots of cute art ^^

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Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!
Please read the following carefully and only hire me if you agree to these terms.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :3

✔ I will draw

  • LGBTQ+ and queer characters and themes

  • humans and fantasy races/ creatures

  • real life people

  • light mechas (e.g. Destiny exos)

  • fanart

  • original characters

  • armor and weapons

✘ I will not draw

  • complex mechanical/ mechas

  • explicit NSFW

  • extreme gore

  • offensive themes

ALL commissions are for personal use only and can not be used on for-profit merchandise, unless agreed upon by the artistNone of the art shown or commissioned are to be used for NFTs or AI training


  • in the first message include the description and deadlines and I will message back whether it's been accepted or not

  • once we established the details, I will send the commissioner a vague sketch of my idea

  • the charges change case by case and final price will be discussed with the commissioner

  • once the sketch is approved, I will send the commissioner a PayPal invoice

  • I'll only start working on the project after payment has been processed

  • progress pictures will be sent during the entire process for approval (the commissioner may chose to skip this)

  • regular commissions take me between 2-10 weeks to finish, depending on the size of the piece

  • the commissioner will be sent the full size picture

  • at any stage after the artwork/ WIP is approved by the commissioner, I'm okay with making small changes to it, but large changes from approved sketches and finished artwork will have added cost

  • the watermarked and smaller version will be posted on my social media accounts and I might use it as commission example / advertisement

  • the commission process is streamed on my Twitch channel, unless requested by the commissioner

  • if I cannot complete the piece and I haven't started on the lining yet, I will fully refund it, if the commission is past the lining step, I can offer a partial refund. I will mostly be able to finish regardless, unless a big emergency happens

If you have questions or you're ready to commission me, the best way to contact me is through my Discord at Strawbaby#3180 or send an email to redstrawbaby.commissions(at)gmail.com ^^

All custom commission payment is through PayPal
All prices are in GBP
Returning customers get a 10% discount on their custom ordersCommissions are CLOSED
Slots: 3/3
~ queue: 5

Emotes and Badges

  • £15 for 1 emote / badge

  • £40 for 3 emotes / badges (£5 discount!)

  • £60 for 5 emotes / badges (£15 discount!)

  • 20% discount on 6 or more emotes / badges

  • reduced price for badges with the same base, depending on complexity

  • delivered as 500 px PNG

  • ask about extra fast delivery, animations, merchandise rights and additional emotes or badges

Character illustration

SizeSimple shading (above)Complex shading (below)
waist up£30£40
full body£50£70
weapon/ complex props£5£10
complex clothing/ armor£10£20
  • delievered as 2000x2000px PNG unless requested otherwise

  • small props (such as Ghosts from Destiny) and disability aids (such as mobility equipment and service animals) are included in the price

  • both come with simple/ transparent background

  • ask about additional characters and detailed background

If you're interested in something you've seen on any of my socials but is not listed here or on the info page, feel free to reach out and ask! I'm happy to brainstorm ^^

Check out my ko-fi page as well, where I run limited sales from time to time!